Master Bath Mini Makeover

Master Bath Mini Makeover

As a follow up to my previous post, I charged ahead with painting my builder-grade vanity this weekend.  I went back and forth inside my noggin’ as to paint or not to paint.  The mini designer sitting on my shoulder won…I painted it!  So glad I did!!  Not only did I paint,  but I added hardware too!!!  Success!!  I used the Behr paint with primer in it.  The color was a Martha Stewart color {river mist} that I had mixed into the Behr product.  I typically will not cross colors and paint manufacturers but since  Martha does not have the paint with primer option, I cheated.  I was looking for the shortest route to completion.  I should also let you know that I did not sand prior to painting…which I FOR SURE should have done.  Lesson learned….ugh!  Well, this endeavor was really all in prep to tackle my kitchen cabinets and learn from this experience.  So, check it out – hope you like!!

xo – rebecca

DIY Painted Vanity

Painted Cabinets DIY

Painted Cabinets


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