DIY Halloween Cake


Halloween is just a few weeks aways and we are busy, busy, busy making costumes and crafts!  We wanted to give you a head start for your halloween party by offering these FREE PRINTABLES to decorate this easy & cute DIY cake.  Who’s got time to bake?  I sure don’t!  So I run to my […]

DIY Halloween Spider Ring Pops


  Halloween is the most celebrated holiday around our house. The kids can hardly wait to start planning their costumes and this year they wanted to make a fun treat to give to their friends!! I love the idea of doing a DIY project they can help with. Now keep in mind, I have three kiddos 7 and […]

Minecraft Theme Birthday Party


With five boys between the two of us, there has been a lot of serious gaming going on around our houses these days. So it was no surprise when my oldest asked for a Minecraft Theme Birthday Party this year. If you’re not familiar, Minecraft is where you dig (mine) and build (craft) different kinds of 3D […]

DIY Painted Catcus Favor Bags


We love to come up with fun, new and unique ways to decorate our muslin bags.  These sweet little bags are just the right size to use as favor bags for your next party and make the perfect canvas to paint on for these DIY Painted Cactus Favor Bags!!!  We are slightly cactus obsessed so it […]

DIY Shelves with Gold Brackets


Quick and easy DIY?  We’ve got it here!  I can’t believe we’ve let this one slip past the posting department!!  I could probably go thru my house and add up enough unposted DIY projects to cover the blog for content of the next year…oops!  Well, here it is, DIY Shelves with Gold Brackets, probably one […]