Flashback Friday and Parenting Magazine Feature {Art/Paint Party}

This year we have decided to open up the party vault and highlight some of our most fabulous parties that, sadly, may have gotten lost in the shuffle along the way. Some of them you may have seen before…. but let’s face it, we’re sentimental saps and any chance to take a trip back in time and remember how little our not so little boys were, we’ll take it.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we did this art/paint party for my then 3 year old son, Lincoln.


 And to top it off, we recently found out the candy paint cans and spin art activity from the party were featured in Parenting Magazine!!! YEeeaayyyy!

Behind the scenes insite: This party was supposed to be at my neighborhood park, but due to unforseen cercumstances… 40 mph wind gusts… okay maybe not that fast, but at the time it seemed like it, we had to move it to my backyard. I panicked! My house was not prepared for party guests, but I had no other choice. So, my husband “the saint” ran thought the backyard picking up dog poop and cleaning off all of the patio furniture… meanwhile Rebecca and I were setting up the party… and in record time I might add. All in all it turned out to be one of my favorite parties and I think the photos say it all ;)

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P.S. Check out some more art party inspiration on our Pinterest page!


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